Performing the examination

  1. Collect the patient’s relevant medical and dental history before proceeding with the screening.
  2. Conduct an extra-oral and intra-oral examination with the naked eye, also palpating all the structures of the head and neck.
  3. Repeat the intra-oral examination using Goccles eyewear in combination with a dental curing light.
  • Reduce the room light for better contrast.
  • The device has to be worn in adherence to the face, avoiding external light to reach the operator’s eyes. Use the provided neck cord to optimize the fitting.
  • Characteristics of the curing light: emission spectrum between 380 and 500 nm, emission peak between 440 and 480 nm. IMPORTANT Provide the patient a proper device for eye protection: orange filters with UV525 protection are the best solution.
  • While performing the examination, maintain the curing light at a distance of approximately 20-50 cm from the oral cavity to optimize the visualization of the natural tissue fluorescence.
  • Abnormal tissue typically should appear as an irregular, dark area that stands out against the green fluorescence pattern of surrounding healthy tissues
  • If a suspicious area is discovered, re-evaluate it trying to identify any causes for the region to appear abnormal. Take into consideration its consistence, its appearance both with naked eye and through Goccles and any relevant patient history the information.
  • Record all significant findings and inform the patient about the appropriate course of action.


  1. If lesions or alterations of the oral mucosa are found, it’s crucial that the clinician examines the patient after a couple of weeks.
  2. Proceed with a new investigation of the oral cavity with Goccles to assess the presence of the abnormal area. After that, evaluate any change in the area, also checking if the presumed causative agent has been removed.
  3. If the abnormal area has not disappeared, continue the examination recommending the patient to see a specialist for further investigations.

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